Installation in Nilsastova,  a parallel exhibition to Between Thuja and Lilac at Skredhaugen Museum in Lofthus, summer 2020. Paintings made in my studio out of memory and impressions from the plen-air painting-travels to Skredhaugen, winter and spring 2020 (during the project Between Thuja and Lilac). The project and exhibition is part 1 in a three part dialouge exhibition, intialized and curated by the artist Lars Korff Lofthus and co-produced by Hardanger and Voss Museum. The project is also supported by Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond.

Hardanger Machina (epler, geitar og fallvind) #1 and #2. Oil and beeswax on canvas. 250×200 cm each.