The exhibition at Kunstnerforbundet in Oslo (April – May) shows paintings done indoors for the first time in the -& Co. history, three videofilms made in collaboration with Sanjey Sureshkumar, and an office desk for artist call to the -& Co  curated gallery Borgen Museum in Hvittingfoss (during summer 2018). During January to March 2018, -& Co. worked in my studio in Drammen, with no money, we took wathever the studio interior could offer and painted whatever came up in our minds. Soon the works developed in two different directions where Aleksi dug deep in to the abstract world sprung out from the direct process, while I proceeded into depicting the studio and my studio mate. Due to the economic circumstances the paintings were either sewn and fitted with eyelets or glued on to found wooden boards instead of the wooden stretchers we could not afford.

Two of the three video films are set outdoors. One in a gravel pit in Skien and one where -& Co. returns to the Best petrol station in Hvittingfoss. The third film is made in the studio while the artists are painting. The films portrays two middle aged men in safe surroundings in an uncertain world, Gubbjävlar (Old man shit?). See the videofilms further down.

Art critics:

-& Co. is a collaboration between Aleksi Wildhagen and Patrik Entian

The show at Kunstnerforbundet: