Supported and invited by Møre and Romsdal Art Center, to realize their recurring project-week, -& Co. set off for the valley of Surnadal in late August 2017. Inspired by Hokusai´s 36 views of sacred Mount Fuji produced 1830-1832, -& Co. set the goal of painting the local mountain Knyken. Seen from everywhere in the valley it also has a special significance in the lives of the people of Surnadal.

For five days -& Co. painted 36 views of Knyken from five different spots. Frequently -& Co. supplied Møre and Romsdal Art Center with mobile pics from their plen-air work simultaneously projected in the gallery. The audience could also use a hotline telephone for a chat directly in the field with -& Co.

On the sixth day Jon Arne Mogstad and Martinius Grimsmo arranged a show with all, still wet, 36 views of Mount Knyken at their Artist in residence, Surnadal Billag in Surnadaløra.






-& Co. would like to thank Kristin Mandt Heim and Milosz Janicki at Møre and Romsdal Art Center, Jon Arne and Martinius at Surnadal Billag AiR for all support and discussions around the project and for letting us stay in the AiR appartement and to use the AiR facilities, and to current AiR artist at the Billag; Thea Meinert. -& Co. would also like to direct their gratitude to all the lovely Surnadal people for your shared stories, interesting conversations and help with finding new views of Knyken and that so many of you showed up at the last day show in Surnadal Billag.–co-patrik-entian–aleksi-wildhagen

-& a collaboration between Aleksi Wildhagen and Patrik Entian


Day 1. 26. August 2017. View from Syltøran sports park.



Day 2. 27. August 2017. View from the limestone quarry at Glærum.

Day 3. 28. August 2017. View from the People´s House at Bøvrasmoen.

Day 4. 29. August 2017. View from Moavegen 21.


Day 5. 30. August 2017. View from the Alpine Center.


Day 6. 31. August 2017. Grand opening at Surnadal Billag AiR.