56 painted icons on a concrete wall in Kalvatræet children-school yard in Bergen. The commission contains of the most popular free icons from the internet that people and the school children wanted to have on their computer screen in 2005/06.

Title: 56 icons. (2006)

Silicate paint on concrete wall. 3 x 32 meter.

DSCF1679 DSCF1686 DSCF1697 DSCF1700 DSCF1701 DSCF1702 DSCF1704 DSCF1705 DSCF1707 DSCF1708 DSCF1710 DSCF1712 DSCF1798 DSCF1799 DSCF1801 DSCF1810 DSCF1816 DSCF1820 DSCF1821 DSCF1823 DSCF1828 DSCF1831 DSCF1837 DSCF1840