The first bigger collection of webcam paintings during Patrik Entian´s research project Looking for Painting (2007-11) at the art academy in Bergen, and was made for the solo show On a completely different place almost simultaneously (På en helt annen plass omtrent samtidig) at gallery Langegården in Bergen, august/september 2009.

The paintings are based on webcam images from Atka Bay in Antarctica, and are depictions made in Entian´s studio in Bergen, while watching the computer screen of a vast ice landscape and distortions on the camera images, mainly caused by snowstorms, fog or just the lack of light.  The camera, wich now has been taken down, was ran by researchers at the german Neumayer Station:


0221st of june from 7.55 PM – 2.55 AM. Pigments, chalk, dry pastels, graphite on canvas. 200 x 250 cm




langega%cc%8arn01Simultaneous (Samtidig). Pigments, chalk, dry pastels, graphite on canvas. 139 x 180 cm.




07Noon – Midnight. Oil and beeswax on mdf-board and pigments, chalk, dry pastels, graphite on mdf-board. Each painting 69 x 122 cm.




are-copy7.55AM and 4.55PM May 4th 2009. 5.55AM and 7.55PM June 13th 2009. (Foggy mornings). Oilpaint and beeswax on mdf-board. Each painting 59 x 122 cm




03The Eveneing Frieze (Kveldsfrisen). Oilpaint and beeswax on mdf-board. 45 x 380 cm. (From the show at Gallery Langegården)



041.55AM March 15th 2008 and 1.55PM March 15th 2008. Oilpaint, beeswax, chalk and drypastels on mdf-boards. 111 x 244 cm.






Diary Paintings. Several small paintings done diectly after every 10 minute update from the webcam. Olpaint, beeswax, chalk, pigments and drypastels on mdf-boards. 34 x 56 cm each.






See review Bergens Tidende here:  pa%cc%8a-grensen-mellom-jotun-og-antarktis-bergens-tidende-copy